Bartz (Low rate) changelog

Minor bugs and events

Sit and move bug fixed, need more test about it. The archers bug'g fixed, need more test about it.
The event now work between 50-75 Lvl and the reward is Votecoin.

14. 12. 2018

14. 12. 2018


Agathions removed from the game for avoid future problem on the server.
Clan War Member changed 10 to 15 members.
Dressme work for 10 Votecoin, its not free anymore.
Mobs cancel skill has reduced, 25% chance take 3 buff.
Transformation Scrolls reuse delay fixed. (Sry for a long wait)
Treasure chests removed.
Itembroker npc removed and deleted.
Some Gk & Teleporter fixed.

Few things

The Vote system now work, you can vote on your favourite server. When you done, in game use the .vote command for the reward!

Achievement npc in giran.

09 12 2018

08 Dec 2018


The server started at 14:00