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  2. Tyrr Grand Khavatari

    "Wild Roar" level 2 and "Fury Fists" 5 lvl we get at 106 lvl, but they give the same characteristics as the previous levels of these skills.
  3. Iss spectral dancer

    1) Spectral slash effect doens't working at all. And all skils wich need this effect to be activated , can be used without it. Warrioir's harmony 2 lvl., Twin Edges, Shadow blade, Resolving Bash must add spectral slash effect (harmony with chance). 2) When "resolving bash" used it applying "single note" effect but mustn't on dancer P.s. sorry for bad english
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  6. Topaz bug

    we have a look thank you for the report.
  7. Topaz bug

  8. Topaz bug

    Hey i am trying to compound topaz to higher level but it doesnt work , other jewels work fine but topaz i cant .
  9. Life stone

    solve the problem of inserting life stones with weapons. I spent 1200 life stones and did not receive 15% damage. Only 5 options appear, and there are many more.Here is a link to all the enchantments. https://l2wiki.com/Super_Advanced_Spirit_Stone
  10. Compound Lv 5 to Greater 1

    fixed for everything, ty guys !
  11. Compound Lv 5 to Greater 1

    @horus, you got give wrong obsi when we tauti. this lv 1 not greater lv 1 :(. just notice now
  12. IGN : One happen 3 times : with 4 jewel in total. with saved record 2 jewel. but GM Horus already help before :). Good job on horus Lineage_II_2019_07.23_-_16_39_02_12.mp4 Lineage_II_2019_07.23_-_16_39_52_13.mp4 Lineage_II_2019_07_23_-_15_23_45.04.mkv
  13. exp stop

    please use .expon expoff
  14. Can not connect

    Please note that Lineage II requires DirectX 9.0c or above. Windows® 95, 98 and NT are not supported. Install DirectX 9.0c or above and the latest drivers for your video card. To review your computer information to see if you meet the recommended system requirements for Lineage II, follow these instructions: At your Windows Desktop, click on Start and Run. In the Run box, type dxdiag. When the DirectX diagnostic tool opens, browse the various tabs to find the information you need.
  15. Can not connect

    are you sure it is our client?
  16. Can not connect

    can anyone guide me what to do ??????
  17. exp stop

    will be good for farmer's to have a system that a player can stop at some lv to get exp and farm at that lv. like this you will not have 100000000 accont's make coz some player's like to farm at a point lv + will be more easy from start to farm at specific lv , if you go to high in lv that will be very hard for a start to farm on lv 110 map's + thanks
  18. Can not connect

  19. Can not connect

    Hi, i have the client,downloaded your system and launcher,file repair etc and when window opens i have the logo but the log in square(Account/pass) is blackscreen
  20. Moe( Giran npc)

    Change Moe boxes for actual. at moment there are boxes of old item's
  21. Ruby

    G ruby effect dont effect SSR with red color the color is white when must be red
  22. Shop

    on shop Brooches on the La Vie En Rose's Magnificent Brooch Enchant will ask you La Vie En Rose's Elegant Brooch on last Brooch rare tipe will ask you same La Vie En Rose's Elegant Brooch and that need to ask you Magnificent Brooch enchant tipe no Elegant tipe
  23. Compound

    Compound sistem not working good after you compound something even if fail or succes will not let you compound again only if you close inventory and open again
  24. Greater Jewels Bug

    Its has been fixed now.
  25. Yul Moonlight Sentinel

    thanks for the report! we working on it thank you.
  26. Question

    hi teck the lvl npc doest spawn again in talking island!!, and lengedary cloak enchant doest work fine, when its fails it goes to +0
  27. Bugged Summoner's Skill

    Also the skills : Summon Protection stone + Summon Death Gate don't have any effect , you can successfully use the skill and summon the stone or the gate but it just stands there without doing anything , absolutely no effect
  28. Like the title says , there is a bugged skills for summoners ( Wynn ) : Sharing equipment ; once used it appears as you have successfully applied the buff to your pets but it has no effect and it does not change any of their stats.
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