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  1. Saga of the Doombringer

    Something happened... The Melody Maestro in Heine grocery now says me to get 10 Malruk Succubus Claw. I have exactly 10 Claw. But the dwarf still says me to get them....
  2. Saga of the Doombringer

    Saga of the Doombringer quest... Everything was fine until the Dwarf (name: Mist) in Hot springs asked me to get an Ice Crystal.. (Ice Crystal is from Finest ingredients - 1 quest in Hot Springs [Jeremy NPC]) When i finaly got the Ice Crystal and want to give it to him (to Mist).. the Npc quest tab says: I have nothing to say you. So at that point the quest broke... cant continou.................... (btw i want to complete it and the reward)