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  1. NPC buffer

    I think solved
  2. Character creation error/crash

    Hi, if you want i can help you through the TeamViewer. But i think maybe your Antivirus block the game.
  3. skill of class

    Hu, you are the best, thanks for this feedback, will be fix at this weekend. Thanks a lot!
  4. Amor

    Will be implemented on next week, sorry, that contains too much item.
  5. Superion

  6. sea of spores

  7. Tyrant bug

    Ok, következő frissítésben benne lesz.
  8. Hellbound

    Can you send screenshot?
  9. Hellbound

    Any error message or what happening when you want to go there?
  10. HP boosters refreshing

    Sry for the late answer, it will be check out on the next update!
  11. Dimensional RIft

    Haha, let me check out.
  12. Tank shield pdef

    Lett vmi változás?
  13. Raidok

    Lettek allitva, azota van vmi változás?
  14. Event raids in towns

    It will be on the next changes.
  15. Otletek

    Rajta vagyunk