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  1. Few issues

    Got it!
  2. jewels

    Confirmed, will be fix soon.
  3. Auto Learn Skill

    Good idea! Thanks
  4. Classes reporte

    That's right. It will be fix on next server restart.
  5. Quests

    Did you do Elikias letter quest? Can you share your screenshots? Thank you
  6. Classes reporte

    Hide skill and Crystal form under development now.
  7. Dual Classe Certification

    Thanks for your report. Gonna be done in 1 day.
  8. Dimensional Bracelets

    Can you share your screenshot? What is checked, that is work for me. Thank you!
  9. Knight Class

    Thanks for report, it will be fix soon!
  10. Windmill Hill

    Thanks for report.
  11. Dragon skin Shirt

    Thanks for report, dragon shirts fixed.
  12. Coin of Luck

    Sure, it will be available.
  13. PA Points

  14. Classes reporte

    Confirmed. It will be fix soon.
  15. Divine Protection Elixir

    Thanks for feedback, its working now.