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  3. Few issues

    Everything is working now apart from the teleport. Thanks for you hard work and reports. Will change the teleport locations now.
  4. Ring of creation

    All working now
  5. update dragon weapons lvl 1 bugged

    Working now
  6. doest work sa on weap

    Working now thanks.
  7. Siege Gollem

    Its working now thanks.

    Issue fixed thanks for the report.
  9. unable to add SA to krishna weapons

    Fixed thanks
  10. Few Bugs

    Everything is fixed apart from the clan skills. We will working on them. Thanks for the report.

    Fixed thanks.
  12. Ruby/Greater Ruby

    Mukodik mar koszi
  13. Boss Dropp

    Fixed thanks.
  14. Quests

    Fixed thanks.
  15. Dual Classe Certification

    Done thanks.
  16. Work In Test

    Bro its 2 different skill on the pictures.
  17. Few issues

    The teleport issue still on
  18. Teleport

    Hi, the most of teleport (in particular pro farm zone) brings you to no sense place. For example if i try to go LOC i get in the water next to Oren town...really no one saw that? I'd like to know when this beta will end and how many ppl are interested about this server. Anyway I think it could be a good one
  19. i cant select the server..

  20. Work In Test

    menu artifact not work. Shot00046.bmp Shot00047.bmp
  21. Work In Test

    bad update npc Neti you need +10 shadow for a normal weapon before update work fine. Shot00048.bmp
  22. Work In Test

    no work stats in hair accesory Shot00036.bmp Shot00037.bmp
  23. Work In Test

    The same skill in 2 chars diferent requeriment ? Shot00029.bmp Shot00030.bmp
  24. Work In Test

    bad balance p. critical 500 for m.critical 200 phisical dps more strong wich mage tested in the Feoh storm screamer and Tyrr deadnougth.
  25. Work In Test

    Legendary life stone R99 no work. Missing life stones R110. no work lifestones on shadow weapons. life stones for dragon weapons missing. Bloody /Dark Enchant stones for upgrade r99 armors and weapons missing Energy of destruction missing alone 2 Geodata deactivated you can kill mobs through the walls.
  26. Work In Test

    Infinite orichalcum bolt container, bleeding, critical and additional blow consumed only by 1 stroke per container.
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