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  3. Pailaka 3 (lvl 73-77)

    Have 8 crit/atk.spd buff here
  4. Pailaka 3 (lvl 73-77)

    The dragon boss 20190211_183411.mp4
  5. Only a few problem For first... there can be a critical problem at the starter NPC (inside pailaka): If the player dosnt stand exactly close the the npc there is a great chance he/she wont get the Quest ritual weapon. The quest starts, u got your misson... just no weapon! --Need to soe out, abort the quest and next time need to stand in exactly his Face to avoid forgetting the only thing why he is there.. (btw maybe need some luck or retry) Ok, now you have the weapon and the Orc has a foot print in his face. Start the run. I experienced a very rare but critical problem... i had the weapon but the silenos forgot to drop the Enchant scoll! what is need for the quest progress (thats only happened 1 time). If that happens nothing you can do.. need to wait 90 minutes so the Instance expire.. abort quest and pick it up again and start from the very begining. Sometimes when you kill the mobs in the Silenos lines they forgot to summon another one behind them (basicly when u kill one in the silenos line, another one is summoned behind the silenos u just killed) for about 60% of the times the system FORGOT to summon the other one! There is a basicly funny bug with the weapon skill buff (pailaka weapons gives skills) (only with the Silenos spear) If you use the crit chance buff of the weapon... and must know its a Pole so can hit multiple targets. In some lines 2 or 3 silenos is close enough to hit them in same time ---And here is the funny thing! the buff if the player critical hit his/her target will lvl up (start from lvl 1 and goes up to lvl 7) but back to the bug: if you can hit 2-3 silenos in the same time the buff will be bugged and will duplicate itself on you -In the and you can have up to 8 silenos weapon buff if there wouldnot be attack speed cap it could reach hmmmm maybe 6k or 8k? with of course 500 crit rate even whit Fists (that could be without cap and with 8 silenos crit buff hmmm maybe 3k crit rate?) Those duplicate buffs will remain on the player even if go out from the instance (just the duplicate so remain 7 in the outside) Anyway thats funy.. but easly can be exploited. If someone didnt finish the quest.. can go indside anytime and get that buff.. True, only for one hour. but pvp? And the last problem is with the Final boss, the dragon -it seems.. well she kinda retarded and handycapped (see it in the video) [OK, pole has 80 range, and the dragon seems have 40 range... but i dont know.. maybe she could do something. Now she is so pathetic and feels like buggy]
  6. Pailaka 2 (lvl 61-67)

    Final one.. the problems at Lematan Well that run was realy a lucky one! Wasnt much problem with them (but only now, i had chatoic experience from a past run) realy need to do something there.. thats geo problem and with the boss running into the gunwale so cannot see target grrrrrr 20190211_174946.mp4
  7. Pailaka 2 (lvl 61-67)

    Thats the "double jump down" video with the geodata/water swimming bugproblem (btw that was a lucky one, almost for the first try swum through the ship wreck) 20190211_174527.mp4
  8. Pailaka 2 (lvl 61-67)

    The "not work properly but funny" paralyze video (the running is for: the mobs will not cast paralyze if u stand near them, just when u try to run away) 20190211_174330.mp4
  9. Here are few problems in the devil isle pailaka instance -One type of the mobs uses paralyze but its... well u shall see in the video -On the road to the 2. boss, there are barrels. If the player attack those barrels, they will blow up and will do heavy damage to neaby mobs.. Officialy. Here are not; sadly nothing happens, just a blow but without any damage. Before reaching the Last boss and before swimming through ship wreck, have to Jump down into water and here is a little problem: "a double jump?!" u shall see in the video At the last boss there are few and critical bugs in the geodata mainly. -see in the video And there are problems with the boss too, Lematan: After he teleports up to the ship.. sometimes he after u reach the ships deck he just start to run INTO the gunwale. And after that happens you can do nothing there.. Cannot see target. And if you are not a veteran and have experienced eyes you cant finish this quest instance at that time, so need to wait and start it from the very begining. Of course im veteran and have experienced eyes in the bugs questions--> the only thing what can solve that; run back down into the water and swim near the ship. The geodata is crazy and sometimes it counts only with X coordinates without the Y.. so near the ship in the water you can target and attack it and eventualy kill it. So the quest can be finished if you are a Very great bug solver XDD. But noone else, and that can be problem i think.
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  11. Costum NPCs

    Látom meglett Szuper
  12. Ive found some missing thing here: -Every mob in the pailaka instance (Song of Ice and Fire) should be aggressive; all mobs and the bosses too. -now they are not -The bosses didnt use all of their skills: First boss is Okay. The second and third boss misses a good looking but damaging attack skill. The fourth boss (Gargolos) when he says "Oh ho ho" (and periodicaly he says that :D) he should use a magic skill what makes the ground fiery and also damages you! -watch for the reuse of that skill (cuz on the server some mobs/npc-s says/emotes too much times and the same thing) The final boss Adiantum also misses a good looking damage skill Here are some links: Video: https://youtu.be/zhXddfvQ3cA Description: https://www.ign.com/wikis/lineage-ii/Level_36-42_Forgotten_Temple_Pailaka
  13. NPC buffer

    I think solved
  14. Character creation error/crash

    Hi, if you want i can help you through the TeamViewer. But i think maybe your Antivirus block the game.
  15. Skill Bugs

    I just tried it in l2off and they work the same. Sorry.
  16. Hello everyone, I have ran into a problem. I had this issue with a previously installed server (after that i reinstalled the game and patched your server system, but the same kept happening). So the problem is: When I log in the server (choose bartz) I went and pressed create character. The game the puts me in a loading screen and shortly after i get a crash error/report. If there is a need for that i can screen shot the whole thing. If anyone knows what kind of issue this is please let me know. It is really weird because as I have said, I completely reinstalled the whole game and even deleted the old system folder before installing yours. Hope to hear from someone.Tried to google this (in case it is not a server issue, would be very strange though since i played other servers yesterday and had no problems), but came up with nothing. Trying to download the dedicated client "Etinas Fate 5.5" at the moment and hoping that this might solve the issue.
  17. Top A grade Armor recipes

    And there is no mob with that name: "Alpine Cougar" These exists: Baby Alpine Cougar, Young Alpine Cougar, Adult Alpine Cougar, Full Grown Alpine Cougar: None of these mobs has the recipe, not for simple drop or for spoil.
  18. Top A grade Armor recipes

    You putted every recipe in those mobs ok.. but not for spoil. and for very low drop % but 3-4 pcs... wrong.
  19. Top A grade Armor recipes

    I think you forgot something... there is no respawn time! they do not come back (bloody keepers group and pytans group/solo pytan knights)
  20. Top A grade Armor recipes

    The recipes in Pytan and Pytan Knight found but only in the Drop List not in the spoil list.
  21. skill of class

    Hu, you are the best, thanks for this feedback, will be fix at this weekend. Thanks a lot!
  22. Amor

    Will be implemented on next week, sorry, that contains too much item.
  23. Noblesse quest

    This is what I see when I click on the 4th quest.
  24. Noblesse quest

    As you can see on the picture, I finished noblesse quests 1-3, but I cant get the 4th quests. The NPC is telling me that "You are either not on a quest that involves this NPC ..... "
  25. Castle Tax

    I cant modify the Tax rate in Aden.. some bug in that I'll show: on the first picture is the initial state of the tax: 0% on the second is the freshly changed Tax. But here is a little problem Its says the Today's tax rate is 15%. But that shows on the wrong place the changed tax The correct would be: Today's tax rate is 0%. And the Tomorrow's tax rate will be 15%. That would be the okay. But the great problem is: the tax change will not become live After i change the tax rate, that would be effective after midnight... But there is no increase in the shops price. No! And there is no income! Where is my tax? :'(
  26. skill of class

  27. skill of class

    ertheia class. 1/ left sidestep not cancels the opponent's target 2/right sidestep and backstep not working
  28. Skill Bugs

    EDIT: Divine Aura is the skills name sorry not hold undead. Divine Aura.
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