We are the first Fafurion server with 100% working files! You will not find anyone else better than us!

Welcome to the L2HellBorn Server!

Welcome to L2HellBorn! We are welcoming Lineage 2 players from all over the world. :) Our idea is to create a server where each Clan or Federation represents a country. If you agree, please join/create a Clan/Federation named after your place of origin.

Our goal is your goal!

Original items:
We don't use special nor unofficial items in game!

We strive to achieve the best balance between classes!


Our plan is to create Lineage 2 servers without relying on the players’ money. We don't need money to operate, this is our hobby.

Updates & Development

Our team is an honest and trustworthy bunch who share the same passion for the game as you do! Our goal is to show you the passion we have for the game by creating one of the best servers available. To do this we will work hard to ensure bugs are fixed quickly.


If you have client, but you would like change your system folder, you can do it.


2018 L2HellBorn